2024 STADA Health Report: Brits show strong trust in pharmacies, call for Pharmacy First expansion

People in the UK have a high level of trust in pharmacies and many are keen on seeing the Pharmacy First initiative expanded, according to the 2024 STADA
Health Report published today (24 June).

The 10th annual health report by global healthcare leader STADA Arzneimittel AG, the parent company of Thornton & Ross, involved a survey of over 46,000
respondents across 23 countries, including 2,000 participants from the UK.

The UK data showed an overwhelming trust in UK pharmacies, with 94 per cent of those surveyed (more than nine out of 10 Brits) saying they have only ever had
good advice from a pharmacist.

The report also indicated a strong desire for the Pharmacy First scheme to be expanded, with 44 per cent of respondents advocating for an increase in pharmacists’
scope of responsibilities to support doctors.