28 Best Coffee Grinders. Kev’s 2024 UK Reviews

The coffee grinder is probably the most underrated item of home barista gear, with many people just buying a grinder as an afterthought.

I did this when I first started getting into the home barista hobby. I was purely focussed on the espresso machine, and didn’t put much thought into which might be the best coffee grinders to pair with the espresso machines I was looking at.

Several years later, I understand just how important the coffee grinder is, and having used & reviewed many coffee grinders since then, I also have quite a bit of experience with them.

So when I’m talking about the best coffee grinders I’m talking from experience, not just from theory.

There’s a lot of info in this best coffee grinders post, so to save you having to read the entire post from start to finish, I’ll present it in a way that you can just pick the bits that are the most valuable to you.

I’ll start out with quick links to the important sections of the post, and then I’ll just give you a big product table with nutshell reviews for you to scan, and then if you’re interested in reading more about any particular grinder, you can simply scroll down to the grinder you’re interested in.

The Types of Coffee Grinder
Best Blade Grinders
Best Wheel Grinders
Best Entry Level Burr Grinders
Best Mid Range Grinders & Upwards

The Types of Coffee Grinders
Coffee grinders differ mainly by their price point, not only, but mainly, and can be categorised as follows.

By the way, this post is specifically about electric coffee grinders. If you’re thinking about manual coffee grinders, see:

best manual coffee grinders review

Blade Grinders
So at the very entry-level you’ll find blade grinders, which of course aren’t grinders at all, and really should be referred to as “choppers” because blades don’t grind, but I digress.