Nakul Anand, former executive director of ITC Hotels, has been named chairman of the advisory board for Tricone Luxury Hotels, a subsidiary of U.S.-based
Tricone Engineers. Anand brings four decades of hospitality experience. He will oversee the company’s continued growth in India, Tricone said in a statement.

“We are thrilled to welcome Nakul Anand to our team,” Alok Aggarwal, Tricon Luxury Hotels’ CEO, said in an article on ANI. “His unparalleled expertise in the
hospitality industry will be instrumental in shaping our company’s vision and integrating sophisticated hospitality services and sustainability initiatives into
our hotels and real estate projects.”

Tricone Luxury Hotels recently executed memorandums of understanding with Indian hotel brands and acquired land for a real estate project in Alibaug near Mumbai,
which will be marketed soon. The company is set to launch luxury hotels and hospitality-oriented real estate projects in Alibaug.