Atulkumar Patel: A beacon of resilience and innovation in pharmacy practice

Nestled in the heart of a bustling high street and a housing estate, at Lincoln Pharmacy, part of Mildcare Ltd Group, in Tower Hamlets in London, the scene
is a testament to resilience and innovation, where queues of people seek aid from a pharmacy technician stationed behind a glass window—a symbol of the enduring
impact of the pandemic.

Amidst the array of modern amenities at the pharmacy stands Atulkumar Patel, the proprietor and Independent Prescriber (IP) at Lincoln Pharmacy, whose vision has
propelled the establishment into a beacon of progressive healthcare.

Owner of two Pharmacies, Patel’s team of 20 dispenses an average of 20,000 prescriptions monthly, maintaining an NHS/OTC split of 80/20.

Recipient of the prestigious Independent Prescriber of the Year award at the Pharmacy Business Awards 2023, Patel reflects on the pivotal moment when his
pharmacy pioneered the rollout of COVID-19 vaccine jabs within the community.

“When doctors’ doors closed, pharmacy was the only place where people could get help and care,” Patel recounts, emphasising the pivotal role pharmacies played
during the crisis.

Patel’s dedication during the pandemic extended beyond mere service provision; it was about showcasing the untapped potential of pharmacies.