Author: Jed Relativo

I will say it again, the weapons of the Cold War could get crazy. Anything goes here, from arming commercial jets, building an armored chopper, to making insane flying saucers.... Read More

Just lately, I got myself a Leatherman Sidekick as my new EDC multitool. As soon as I got it out of the box, I understood why the brand is revered... Read More

As much as we venerate and respect the Filipino National Heroes, they are normal humans like any of us. And with that said, expect them to do normal people blunders... Read More

There’s no doubt about it, China’s military strength is growing. It came a long way from Mao Zedong’s mass murdering death squads, to a now recognized power in Asia. Apart... Read More

If you ask me, I only want pleasant stuffs in my house. Anything nasty is out. I mean no one wants to share their spaces with nightmare inducing horrors. People... Read More

This is a world of mysteries. I keep telling my friends that rationalizing life too much is a waste of time, as experience tells me that life is too complex... Read More

Back in high school, I love how Brendan Fraser starred in The Mummy movies. Yet after he dueled with the undead Imhotep, I came to wonder if that’s how ancient... Read More

For more than 300 years, the Philippines was under the Spanish rule. And when asked what people think when battles were mentioned in this time period, revolts will enter their... Read More

It’s easy to dismiss something as a work of the supernatural if it’s awesome enough. As some people believed, humans could only achieve so far. Not in a thousand years... Read More

The more we learn about the Bible, the more we are certain that Jew going by the name Jesus Christ really existed. Historically, Christ is a well-established figure. His existence... Read More