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Kemry’s Sugar balls sprinkles have different purposes in embellishing Confectionery shops, adding visual allure and a bit of pleasantness to the decorative items like Cakes, Cupcakes, Chocolates and more. Our Sprinkles... Read More

Sparkling Sugar balls for Confectionery | KEMRY | HSJ INDUSTRIES

Sprinkling Kemry's sugar balls onto frosted or glazed doughnuts can give them a fun loving and bubbly look, making them all the more outwardly engaging. Chocolates, truffles, and different desserts... Read More

Sugar Balls For Cakes | KEMRY | HSJ INDUSTRIES

Kemry, India's leading manufacturer of Sugar Balls used on various Confectionery. On cakes and cupcakes, our sugar balls are frequently used to decorate the frosting. To add a touch of... Read More

Heart Sprinkles for Confectionery | KEMRY | HSJ INDUSTRIES

The heart shape represents love and fondness, making it a No. 1 choice for heartfelt events like Valentine's Day or commemorations. Then again, star-shaped sprinkles bring out a feeling of... Read More

KEMRY’s Heart and Star Shaped Sprinkles manufactured in Delhi

In Delhi India,Sprinkles in the shapes of hearts and stars manufactured by Kemry are sweets that can be used to decorate desserts and give them a whimsical look. Commonly manufactured... Read More

Heart and star-shaped sprinkles manufactured by an Indian company Kemry, are beautifying ice cream parlor things used to add a happy and eccentric touch to different sweets. Normally produced using... Read More