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Understanding load rating and ply rating is vital for selecting the right truck tyres based on the vehicle's payload capacity and the specific application. This section explains the significance of... Read More

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If the vehicle fails the MOT Corby test, the owner is notified of the reasons for failure. The owner is given a list of repairs that need to be completed... Read More

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The MOT Corby is a vital test that helps to ensure the safety and roadworthiness of vehicles on the road. By identifying faults and ensuring that vehicles meet the minimum... Read More

MOT Readiness: Preparing Your Vehicle for Inspection

2.3 Necessary Repairs and Re-Testing In cases where a vehicle does not pass the initial MOT test, the experts at Benten Auto Experts Ltd will provide a detailed report outlining the... Read More

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A Comprehensive Guide to Tyres Reading

III. Advanced Tyres Reading Techniques 3.1. Tread Wear Indicators Explore the intricacies of tread wear indicators and how to interpret them. Benten Auto Experts Ltd will help you identify the signs that... Read More

Tyres Corby | Lamby Automotive Performance LTD

Warranty - When purchasing tyres, always check the warranty offered by the manufacturer. It is essential to know the warranty period and return policies to make an informed decision. Price -... Read More

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