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Severance Pay is the additional compensation provided by the employer to the employee after employment is over. This is optional, not mandatory. This includes extended benefits such as outplacement assistance... Read More

Retrenchment means the termination of an employee by an employee for any reason other than the punishment meted out by the disciplinary action. Employees who are terminated in such a... Read More

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For small businesses and startups, payroll system can be daunting. Many state/federal regulations and rules exist for consultants, full-timers, and quarterly or annual taxation cycles. Small businesses can outsource to... Read More

Payroll is defined as the function that helps you with understanding how and what a business is paying its employees. It includes distributing money in the form of checks and... Read More

Offshoring is the practice of outsourcing activities to less-developed countries, mainly by corporations from developed countries, in order to reduce the cost of doing business. Lower labour costs, more forgiving... Read More

The net salary is defined as the wage that the employee actually receives before income tax is deducted from the basic salary. It is obtained by deducting the employee’s social... Read More

Employee Retention is a continuous challenge for both the managers and the HRs. You spend time scanning multiple resumes, interviewing candidates, hiring, and onboarding them. You invest in people, provide... Read More

Payroll systems are responsible for all aspects of paying and filing employment taxes. They can track hours worked, calculate wages, withholding tax, and other deductions, print and deliver checks and... Read More

Medical reimbursement is an arrangement between employee and employer under which the employer reimburses a portion of the health expense of the employee. These health expenses are like hospitalization or... Read More