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Payroll software is a system used to handle various deductions that comes into play while handling payroll. HR employees must thoroughly understand how to do payroll, how to withhold taxes... Read More

Leave approval email is the email written to an employee in response to his/her application for leave. When an employee needs a leave of absence from his/her work, he/she writes... Read More

A document called ISO 9004 can be used in conjunction with the ISO 9001 standard to build a quality management system. This article is intended to serve as a roadmap... Read More

A hiring strategy is a strategy to choose the candidate who can uplift the business growth. It is a creative way to choose the best candidate for the job position.... Read More

Form 16 Part B contains a small print that an employee needs to file an income tax return. Form 16B is a TDS certificate that shows the amount of tax... Read More

Employee State Insurance (ESI) is a health insurance and social security scheme for employees who earn less than or equal to Rs. 21,000 per month. This scheme applies to any... Read More

Compensatory Off or Compensation Off or Comp Off is a leave entitled to an employee by an employer for working on a week off or paid holiday by the organization.... Read More

Accrued Payroll is an amount inclusive of all kinds of compensation like commissions, bonuses, and salaries earned by the employees but hasn’t been paid to them by the company. It... Read More

Wrongful Termination, also known as wrongful discharge or wrongful dismissal, is a situation where an employer terminates an employee’s contract in a way that breaches the terms of the employment... Read More

TCS- Tax Collected At source is the income tax collected by sellers in India from buyers on the sale of certain items above the price of the decided amount. Considering... Read More