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Blind Vias pcb manufacturer

Blind Vias pcb manufacturer

Submitted by • October 30, 2020

Alcanta PCB company is one of the Blind Vias pcb manufacturer.we have made many PCB with Buried and Blind Vias holes, Impedance Control with +/-5%, Hybrids & Mixed Dielectrics, Non‐Conductive Via Fill, Conductive Via Fill , Cavity Boards, Backdrilling, Controlled Depth Drill and Rout and other many especial design.Due to the increasing complexity of the design structure, more and more blind holes and buried holes are used in high density circuit board (hdi-pcb). Blind holes and buried through holes are used to connect PCB layers with limited space. A blind hole connects the outer layer of one or more inner layers but does not go through the entire plate. The armour is buried via at least two inner layers, which are not visible from the outer layer. This technology can achieve more functions with less board space (package density).

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