Causes Of The Disease Being Complicated And Chronic

When In The Very Beginning Patients Suffering From White Patches Get Themselves Examined In A Proper Way, When The Diagnosis Is Correct And When They Take Necessary Medicines Systematically, They Are Get Rid Of The Disease For Ever In A Very Short Time, Whether The Disease May Be On Any Part Of The Body. If Not, Their Disease Becomes Complicated And Chronic. It Takes Longer Time To Be Cured Of The Disease Completely.
Sometimes It Has Been Found That Due To Wrong Medicine Applied To The White Spots, The Skin Becomes Thick And As Such The Disease Becomes Chromic. It May Take Some Longer Time To Root Out (Eliminate) The Disease And Bring The Natural Colour Of The Skin. Besides This There May Be Some Spots On Such Places As Soles, Palms, Lips, Male Or Female Reproductive Organs, Which May Be Over Three Years Old It Will Take Very Long Time To Take Regular Medicine And Follow Necessary Rules, So That All The Disorders Of The Body May Be Ended For Ever And The White Spots May Be Eliminated.
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