So one day a little over a week ago I hit a pot hole at 77 mph and blew out front tire. I pull over and get flatbed home. The driver didnt want me in the cab with him, so he let me stay in my car on the flatbed. My car was still running and I noticed while being towed the CEL flashing, for the first time. 2 days later I get new tire and head off for work. When I get to work I notice its idling a little rough, but seems to go away over 10-20 mph. I get home, taking it easy. Going speed limit and trying not to beat on it. The cel will flash randomly but not stay on. EPC light will come on, but if I shut off car and restart it goes away, coming back later, maybe. Next morning I go to head out to work and it seems a little worse so I dont take the car. Now it seems to run rough even over 10 mph. I drive to audi and see what they say, I need an oil change anyways and tranny fluid changed. Day later they call me and say I need a new engine and its gonna be $28,000. They dont know what caused the issue, but cylinder wall in cylinder 3 are all scored. Low compression, sent a borescope in and found this