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End of Life: CorelDraw X7 is an older version, released in 2014. Software companies typically stop supporting older versions after a while to focus on newer features and security updates. Downloading from unofficial sources can be risky, as the software might contain malware or not function properly.
CorelDraw Trial: Consider trying the latest CorelDraw Graphics Suite with a free 15-day trial. This gives you access to all the current features and ensures you have a secure and supported version. You can find the trial on the Corel website:

Subscription vs. Perpetual License: CorelDraw offers both subscription and perpetual license options. Subscriptions provide access to the latest features and updates for a monthly or annual fee. Perpetual licenses are one-time purchases that give you access to the specific version you buy, but without access to future updates.
Free and Open-Source Alternatives: If you're on a tight budget, explore free and open-source vector graphic design software like Inkscape or Vectr. These programs offer similar functionalities to CorelDraw, though they might not have all the advanced features. Here's a breakdown of the word count:
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