Hoe msny types of gemstones are available for jewelry

Unicity Diamond offers a stunning variety of gemstones, each with its own unique charm:

– **Sapphire:** The epitome of royalty, known for its deep blue hues.
– **Emerald:** A symbol of rebirth, boasting vibrant green tones.
– **Ruby:** The gem of love and passion, radiant in rich red.
– **Amethyst:** A purple gem that signifies calm and clarity.
– **Aquamarine:** Evoking the soothing blue of the ocean.
– **Topaz:** Available in various colors, symbolizing strength.
– **Opal:** A mesmerizing play of colors within a milky base.
– **Citrine:** Radiant yellow, representing positivity.
– **Peridot:** Olive-green gem denoting renewal and growth.

Find your perfect gemstone with Unicity Diamond's exquisite selection.