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How to Dockerize a NodeJS App

How to Dockerize a NodeJS App

Submitted by • July 1, 2020

Docker is very similar to any other virtual machine: you can take an Ubuntu image with some kind of hello-world inside, type docker run ubuntu hello-world, and “hello-world” will run, sincerely believing that it lives in Ubuntu and there is nobody around.
But in fact, Docker is not a virtual machine, not a virtual machine manager, or even a hypervisor. Docker is a platform for creating, launching, and managing containers that, although look like small virtual machines, actually act as a tall fence with barbed wire. The application is not able to go outside as well as you can’t get unexpected guests from out there – absolutely what is needed for the production servers. Due to the fact that containers do not need to emulate hardware and contain a guest OS, they work at a speed that virtual machines have never dreamed of.

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