Lake District pharmacy grapples with medicine shortages amidst growing crisis

A Lake District pharmacy is grappling with significant medication supply issues, affecting its ability to provide essential drugs to customers amidst
nationwide drug shortages.

According to Simon Butterworth, whose family has operated Collins & Butterworth Pharmacy in Hawkshead for nearly 40 years, voiced his concerns to the ITV stating
that the staff is “having to spend time hunting for (medications), looking for it or doing our best to find ways to solve that problem” for distressed patients.

“They’ve got to know when they can get the medications they need,” he added.

Butterworth also highlighted the financial strain pharmacies face due to the NHS’s fixed tariff system.

“Certain items are actually costing more to buy than we get paid for them by the NHS. An item we were trying to get this morning was 250 per cent higher than the
tariff price, which is significant and builds up over lots of items,” he explained.

This situation reflects a broader crisis highlighted by a recent report from Community Pharmacy England (CPE), which found that 79 per cent of surveyed pharmacists
believe “patient health is being put at risk due to medicine supply issues.”