Unlocking the Secrets to Pain Management: Join Our Exclusive Webinar

Amidst the pervasive prevalence of pain, with 93% of the global populace experiencing it annually and 1 in 3 enduring daily discomfort, there persists
a reluctance to address and treat pain proactively. This leads to a heightened burden of suffering among individuals.

Join us for an enlightening 1-hour Pain Management Webinar, meticulously crafted to equip you and your team with vital strategies to comprehend, manage, and
alleviate pain in patients' daily lives.

Delve into topics such as the pharmacist's evolving role, understanding pain assessment, and Haleon's #ListenToPain campaign, aimed at fostering better patient

Tailored for pharmacists in GB dealing with acute or chronic pain, this webinar promises to enhance patient care and contribute positively to their well-being.

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