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Used ac condenser for sale
Air conditioner has made life easier for people in restless summers. An air conditioner can lower the inside temperature by at least 20° from the outside temperature. In summers when the temperature goes above 50°, it is the cool air of AC which gives the comfort feeling by lowering the temperature. There is no actual ice involved in the A/C process. It is the multi-step thermodynamic process that made it possible with the help air compression.
Ac condenser is the part of the air conditioner that releases or collects the heat according to the time. It is positioned at the outer portion of the air conditioner or the heat pump. The basic parts of a condenser are the condenser coil, a compressor, a fan. In addition to that there are various controls in the condenser. The coil used in the condenser can be of copper or aluminium. Zaxon uses the best quality coil in the used condenser so that heat can be transferred rapidly. The compressor is the heart of the system because it compresses the refrigerant and raises its temperature so that the refrigerant gets pumped out into the coil in the form of hot gas. The refrigerant is then cooled in the condenser into a warm liquid and then it is passed to the evaporator via pipe where the refrigerant expands and gets cooled. The condenser fan is the most important component in the condenser as it circulates the air across the coil to facilitate heat transfer. With Zaxon, you get the best quality used condenser unit for your car in best price across USA which not only are in perfect condition but also has a better life.

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