Want tio compare prices online? here is the solution.

New solution for online price comparison
"According to 86% of consumers, it is important to compare the prices (https://www.gobazzar.com/en/) of different sellers". No wonder then that consumers kept switching from one retailer to another while comparing product prices, quality, etc. While in the days this was done physically, in the current situation, believe: “A total of 71% of all global consumers believe they can get a better deal online (https://www.gobazzar.com/en/) than instead of a physical one Load.This number indicates that today's consumers are more inclined to shop online than to make physical purchases. In addition, the convenience of online shopping is important, especially in view of the CoronaVirus pandemic. Consumers have turned to online shopping as a safety measure to avoid leaving their home, avoiding crowds and maintaining social distance. Statistically, however, for more than half of online shoppers, the price in e-commerce is the first criterion for their purchase decision. To put it mildly, price comparison has become an online trend for consumers today, and it has grown in importance with the economic recovery from the pandemic, so the use of price comparison tools has increased. The first product comparator or comparator, BargainFinder, was founded in 1995. Little by little, price comparators such as Jango, Jungle etc. became more popular.Since the early 2000s in particular, many price comparison / price comparison websites such as PriceGrabber, Shopzilla, GoBazzar etc. have emerged as solutions for online price comparison. Consumers can easily search for a product in a CSE and provide the comparison for that product as offered by various e-commerce / e-retailer websites. The comparison is not limited to the purchase price, but can even include ratings, reviews, product features, shipping guidelines, etc., criteria. Note that CSEs provide real-time data.

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