One of my favorite supervillain out there is The Joker. Like the lead superhero he fights, he is very much human, and never had special powers. Yet I found him more unsettling simply because he resembles psychos in real life, especially in recent reincarnations.

Up to now, I can’t decide who is the best Joker in the cimenatic universe. It could be Jack Nicholson’s gangster clown, Heath Ledgers anarchist, or Joaquim Phoenix’s demented comedian. They are good in their own rights, and each represents the different horrors of humanity, which added to the depth of their character. Jack Nicholson’s Joker is a nod to the organized crime boss, while Heath Ledger’s Joker is the personification of terrorism. Joaquim Phoenix mentally disturbed Joker seems to tell the world what the incels could do to the public.

And in the real world, people could die like the Joker’s victims.

Later we will tackle the Joker’s preferred means of dispatching his victims. We all know that the Joker is not real, but somewhere out there are forms of deaths that will leave you with a morbid grin. It could be a concocted poison, or an illness. But whatever the means of death, dying with a smile is a nasty isn’t exactly a fun way to go.

The Joker Venom
An unfortunate victim of the Smylex.

Depending on the versions of the comic books and the film adaptations, the Joker may operate or behave differently. But he is known for his signature weapon known as the Joker Venom. Basically, it’s a toxin dispersed as gas, that makes the victim laugh. In the lethal version, the uncontrollable laughter will lead to death, leaving the victim with a morbid grin. He did carry a nonlethal version, that will only give you fits of cackle. Basically, the Joker Venom is an extra strong laughing gas that could be fatal.

In the film adaptation, Jack Nicholson’s Joker terrorized the Gotham population with the theatrical version of the Joker Venom. I love how his Joker introduced his Smylex in the film through a demented