Why Is It a Bad Idea to fall in love in the Evangelion Universe

Just for fun guys, just for some sick fun!

Maybe it is part of Anno’s cynicism and deconstruction of a sometimes overly romanticized genre. Or, it is just one of the many twisted central themes of the series that added to the bittersweet flavor. But Anno might just be trolling his viewers, but who knows!

Once we talked about how growing old in the Evangelion universe sucks. I mean what’s the point of seeking a better life in a post-apocalyptic world, only for the apocalypse to re-occur and you turning into a primordial juice. Pretty bleak huh? People recon that the theme of the Evangelion series is nihilism, but it’s actually anti-nihilism (which will be discussed in later articles). But turning to orange juice is not the only grim outcome of adulting in the Evangelion universe. With a troubled author working behind the scenes we are presented with a collection of sick adults with problems ranging from alcoholism to depression. Worst, they never found a way to overcome their weaknesses, and slowly they descended into a path of self-destruction. And if our grownups never turned to juices, they are bound for a grim end. They are either shot or dismembered.

On the bright side, the end of the series was not actually as bleak as what was initially thought. People could still reanimate from the sea of orange juice if they want to (as what Shinji and Asuka did). And seeing Shinji and Asuka getting together in a (second) post-apocalyptic world, and probably forming a relationship is a hopeful sight. As way before the Third Impact, the Evangelion series seems to have an unwritten rule.

Never ever fall in love!

Cursed to be Obsessed
Gendo Ikari being in pieces over the situation.

It’s not much a surprise, but when a troll named Anno is pulling the strings, one of his main aim is to spoil the party. Now, the Evangelion series explored how love, despite being a good thing will turn you into a monster if turned obsessive. In the world Anno created, too much love could lite