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What does SS mean? Is Sterling Silver 925 worth?

SS is used as an abbreviation multiple times. In jewelry, SS refers to the concept of Stainless Steel. Sterling silver is also an abbreviation of SS, and it is a... Read More

What are the benefits of wearing silver jewelry?

Silver is a valuable metal that has gained more popularity in recent years. People before the discovery of other valuable metals preferred this metal as their choice of jewelry. The... Read More

Where can I order fully custom jewellery?

With many items in Silver, there are multiple shops available. But very few people choose the personalization options available for fashion designs. Recently people prefer wearing beautiful fashion models made... Read More

What is the purpose of jewellery?

Most people buy jewels not just for their design but also as an investment. Gold has always been a valuable asset that can be replaced for money during times of... Read More

Can Christians wear silver jewelry?

Women all over the world have always had a personal love for jewelry. Even the poorest women will have their own set of jewelry to cover up their ears and... Read More

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Ladies Clutch Has Become a Symbol of Fashion For making a night out and evening party outfits look mind-blowing, we owe a lot to the modest clutch, the meridian of our... Read More

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What does 926 mean on Sterling Silver?

Silver is a precious metal. People consider it a cheap product because of its low price when compared to Gold. People who think about purchasing jewelry for a low price... Read More

What is making charge on silver jewelry?

For silver jewelry, the designs are made either through machine-based manufacturing or hand manufacturing. Normally, while making a design, certain parts of the metal will be wasted while connecting them.... Read More

Chanderi Silk Saree Design Online –

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