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Specify a Grp Water Tank is used to provide group water for firefighting training and other purposes. They are made of polyethene or polypropylene and have a plastic liner, usually... Read More

There are many factors that you should consider before choosing the right grp tank. These include the type, size, and material of the liquid waste produced by your business, the... Read More

Corrugated Galvanized Steel (CGS)Water Storage Tanks from excellent folded, hot-plunged stirred steel. Each tank is covered and a hand darted nearby, making an item that is tough and solid. Supported... Read More

Pipeco Group introduces a new design and manufacturing product into the industry, we call it Eazy GRP Water Tanks, because of easy to use . and we are the best... Read More

Heating Elements plan and choice is analytic to the appropriate working of any vacuum furnace and is reliant upon various elements: maximum temperature; power load; partial compression and extinguish gases.By... Read More

Pipeco Group Leading Supplier of Cylindrical Water Tanks in Dubai, UAE offers an ideal quality Water Tank utilizing GRP that is erosion-safe, sealed, and simple to upkeep. These GRP Water... Read More

GRP Sectional Water Storage Tanks’ panels are obtained from the process of chopped fibreglass and unsaturated polyester resin under high pressure and temperature. Panels are manufactured at a high tonnage press... Read More

Pipeco Pressed stainless steel sectional water tank constructed with hydraulically pressed flanged panels, Grade 304 & 316. Materials: The tank panel, tie rods, stays, and cleats are made from stainless... Read More

BS1654 Tanks provide the best earthquake resistance and durability in Steel Sectional Water Storage Tanks. PIPECO manufactures BS 1564:1975 type 2. These tanks could be used as the main water... Read More

The Pipeco Group production plant was established in the year 2001, we are a professional manufacture of GRP Water Tanks. Our factory is in Gimhae, Korea. We have been managing... Read More